If water  is getting in, and you want to keep it out, call KEHM.

Patch & Repair

Fine craftsmanship is timeless and speaks for itself.  We are passionate about preserving the beauty of these historic masonry structures with the measure of quality that will endure for generations to come.

Different materials move differently.  To address those movement problems, we make "soft" joints with caulking.  Over time, UV light damages caulking, so routine maintenance is critical to keep water away.

WELCOME TO Kehm Contractors, Inc.

Based in Omaha, NE, we have been working on masonry buildings and concrete flatwork for over 100 years.  Our team of craftsmen includes bricklayers and tenders with decades of experience individually, industry training and certifications, and, perhaps most importantly, a committment to going the extra mile to provide the best quality for every client.


Decorative Masonry

Caulking & Sealing


Masonry structures are built to endure many lifetimes. Mortar is the material that binds brick, block, and stone together.  Water can damage mortar joints, but routine maintenance restores them.

Tuckpointing, Flashing,

Water Repellents


Brick, Block, Stone, Concrete,

Precast, Terra Cotta



Our climate is subject to 60-70 freeze-thaw cycles each year.  Weather and water work together and cause damage to buildings. We can repair this damage and restore things like new.

Timeless architecture and masonry have gone hand in hand for thousands of years.  Even before the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans constructed their awe-inspiring pyramids, temples, bridges, and aqueducts, masonry construction has always been the pinnacle of natural beauty and durability.  Properly constructed and properly maintained, this remains true today.  We look forward to helping you maintain the investment you have made into beautiful brick and stone.